***REVISED***September 14, 2021 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Charter Township of Genesee Board Agenda for the Regular Board Meeting to be held on September 14, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. in the Genesee Township Boardroom located at 7244 N. Genesee Rd, Genesee, MI 48437.

Roll Call:  Eashoo ( ) Bates ( ) Sorensen ( ) Burrus ( ) Jean ( ) Sutton ( ) Witte ( )

Approve Agenda

Approve the minutes of the August 10, 2021 Regular Board Meeting without corrections.

Approve the minutes of the September 8, 2021 Special Board Meeting without corrections.




1      Office of Clerk

A   Renewal of Used Car License for one year for Kearsley Auto Brokers, 5263 N. Genesee Rd. (tabled from Aug 10, 2021)

B   Approve the sale of Parcel 11-19-552-144 to Carllotta Ferguson for $100.00

C   Approve the sale of Parcel 11-33-577-017 to Sue Campbell for $800.00

D   Approve Resolution 21-10 to Vacate, Discontinue, or Abolish Cardiff Street

E  Approve Kristina Blossom as Deputy Clerk effective October 1, 2021

2      Office of Supervisor

A    Approve second reading of Ordinance No. 612-Rezoning of Vacant Parcel 11-27-200-049 from R-1 Single Family to R-3 Multiple Family Residential District

B    Approve first reading of Ordinance No. 613 rezoning of 1278 E. Stanley Rd. Parcel 11-18-200-002 from I-2 Heavy Industrial to R-1 Single Family Residential District

C    Approval of increasing Officer Raymond Karpuk to 2nd year pay scale per P.O.L.C. contract retroactive to hire date

D    Approval of promoting Officer Michael Zuchelski to full time

E    Approve hiring of Jacob Trudell as a Firefighter for Station #1 pending passing of pre employment qualifications

F    Approve hiring of Brandon Brown as a Firefighter for  Station #1 pending Passing of pre employment qualifications

G    Approve the installation/replacement of entrance door at the rear of Township building at the cost of $2,496.00

3     Finance

  • Approve Bill list and presentation of financial statement

Reports from Standing Committees:

  1. Community Development, Ashley Witte , Chair
  2. Fire, Richard Burrus, Chair
  3. Police, Kathy Sutton , Chair
  4. Department of Public Works, Thomas Jean, Chair

Unfinished Business:

New Business:

Public Comments:

Closing Comments from Board Members


*3 minutes, agenda items