***REVISED***Planning Commission Meeting Wednesday, February 19, 2020 Agenda***REVISED***


February 19, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting at 6pm in the Charter Township of Genesee Boardroom located at 7244 N. Genesee Road,   Genesee, MI 48437

Roll Call:  Al Ogle              _______

Michael Thompson  _______

Raymond Lee  _______

Al Jones            _______

Jerry Link          _______

Kathy Sutton    _______

Debra Mullaly  _______

Attn. Amanda Doyle  _______

Approval of the minutes from the January 15, 2020 meeting.

*Case #2020-01 Postponed until March 18, 2020 at the request of applicants Attorney Paul White

Case #2020-01 – Site Plan Review for the property located at 3100 N. Center Rd.  Parcel 11-34-300-006.  Owner is George’s Plaza LLC.   Green Acres Church of the Burning Bush, Terry Alan Rauh, is currently renting the end unit of this property and would like to open a private social club, members only.  This property is currently zoned C-2 Hwy Comm and a club is a permitted use by right in C-2 zoning.  This case was postponed  by all members present at the Planning Commission meeting held on  January 15, 2020 meeting.

Case #2020-02 –  Re-zoning of 55 acres of vacant land located in the 8000 block of Genesee Rd. (Property is located just South of Camelot Villa on Genesee Rd.)  Parcel 11-02-100-011.  Owner is New Flint Development LLC – Richard Scharrer.   Mr. Scharrer would like to re-zone this property from R-3 Multi-Family To A-R Agricultural-Residential.

Case #2020-03 – Re-zoning of  vacant land located between A1 Pack n Stack and 4440 Labean Ct.  Owner Nathan Boggs recently acquired this piece of property from his brother Luke Boggs who split this piece of property off of the A1 Pack n Stack property.  Nathan Boggs would like to get this property re-zoned from I-1 Light Industrial to R-1 Residential and combine it with his property located at 4440 LaBean Ct.

Case #2020-05 – Site Plan Review for the property located at 6340 N. Genesee Rd. Suite #1.  Parcel 11-14-100-027.    Owner is Mauiskras Holdings LLC.    Alternative Healing Health Spa are renting Suite 1 of this complex and would like to open up a health spa and resale shop.  Current zoning is C-2 and a health spa and resale shop are permitted uses in this zoning.

Adjourn meeting