Planning Commission Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, October 16, 2019

CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF GENESEE                     


 10-16-19   6pm Township Boardroom located at 7244 N Genesee Road, Genesee, MI 48437.

Roll Call:  Al Ogle              _______

Raymond Lee  _______

Al Jones            _______

Jerry Link          _______

Kathy Sutton    _______

Debra Mullaly  _______

Attn. Amanda Doyle  _______


Approval of the minutes from the August 21, 2019 meeting.

Case #2019-19- Re-Zoning application for the property located at 1021 Holtslander.   Parcel 11-19-552-122.  Owner Urban Builder and Developer Inc. – Joesph King.    Mr. King would like this property re-zoned to C-2 so he can combine this property with 5046 N. Saginaw St. (building was demo’d)  parcel 11-19-552-215 and Vacant Parcel 11-19-552-214.   These 2 parcels are currently zoned C-2.  He has already talked to the Assessor and was told that he could combine these once 1021 Holtslander zoning is changed to C-2.

Case #2019-20 – Special Exception Use Permit for the property located at 5466 N. Genesee Rd.  Parcel 11-23-100-056.  Owner Joubran & Joubran Management LLC.  Mr. Joubran would like to construct outside storage units and to operate a truck and trailer rental facility on this property.  This property is currently zoned C-2 and this is a permitted use by special exception (per Amanda Doyle).

Case 2019-21 –  Site Plan Review for the property located at 8033 N. Dort Hwy.  Parcel 11-05-300-010.  Owner Ryan Lapeer.  Mr. Nichelas Owens would like to open a restaurant in the front portion of this building.  This property is currently zoned C-2 and a restaurant is a permitted use by right in C-2 zoning.

Adjourn meeting