Planning Commission Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, January 20, 2021 – 6pm Zoom Meeting

Planning Commission Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, January 20, 2021 6 pm via Zoom ID# 905-647-3079  Passcode gentwp (See Instructions at bottom)

Roll Call:  Al Ogle              _______

Michael Thompson    _______

Raymond Lee  _______

Al Jones          _______

Jerry Link        _______

Kathy Sutton    _______

Deb Mullaly      _______

Attn. Amanda Doyle    _______

Approval of the minutes from the December 16, 2020 meeting.

(No communications have been made regarding this case)

Postponed Case #2020-11 – Site Plan Review – 4031 Richfield Rd.  Parcel 11-34-551-013.  Owner Reginald Clements would like to split this property into 2 parcels.  Currently Chips Supper Club occupies the front portion of the property and there is a pole barn on the back portion.  Both sections must meet all zoning requirements.  Current zoning is C-2 Highway

Case #2020-01 – Site Plan Review –  5200 N. Genesee Rd. Summerfield Complex.  Parcel 11-23-651-200.  Owner Emerald Real Estate Development.  Contractor Stuart Worthing.  Current Zoning R-2.  Emerald Real Estate Development would like to build the remaining buildings that were previously approved by the Planning Commission on January 23, 2003.

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