Bid Opportunities


The Charter Township of Genesee is offering for sale, five (5) parcels of real estate located in the Township of Genesee, County of Genesee, MI, which parcels are described as follows:

1178 E Rex Ave                 11-19-553-019               Minimum Bid Price:  $3,500.00

6083 N Genesee Rd          11-15-577-033               Minimum Bid Price:  $2,000.00

4358 N Belsay Rd             11-25-100-015                Minimum Bid Price:  $5,000.00

3066 Egleston Ave           11-35-555-086                Minimum Bid Price:  $2,000.00

3436 E Pierson Rd            11-33-502-056               Minimum Bid Price:  $5,000.00

These properties will be offered for sale on a bid basis on the following terms:

Prospective Purchasers must submit a sealed bid, with at least a minimum bid price per respective parcel.  The sealed bids must be submitted and in the possession of the Township Clerk no later than 12:00 pm on January 11th, 2016.  The bids will be opened on January 12, 2016, at the Township’s regular board meeting which commences at 6:00 pm at the Township Hall.

In the event that two bidders bid the same price for a parcel or parcels of property that are offered for sale, those individuals will be asked to submit a new sealed bid to be opened by the Township Clerk on February 9th, 2016, with the bidders notified of the results.

The successful Purchase must pay the approved parcel purchase price in full within fifteen (15) days of board approval.

Steven D. Fuhr, Township Supervisor

Wayne G. Bates, Township Clerk