Agenda for the Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Regular Board Meeting

The Charter Township of Genesee Regular Board Meeting Agenda to be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at 7244 N. Genesee Rd., Genesee, MI 48437.

Roll Call:  Eashoo ( )  Bates ( )  Sorensen ( )  Burrus ( )  Gerace ( )  Sutton ( ) Witte ( )

Approve Agenda

Approve the minutes of the February 28, 2023 special board meeting without corrections.




Office of Clerk

  1. Approve review of 3 bids received for the purchase of Township owned vacant property located on Alfred St. parcel 11-19-552-095.
  2. Approve lease option to buy until for Township owned vacant property located on Alfred St. Parcel 11-19-552-095  to _________________________ at a cost of $_______________
  3. Approve Sanitary Sewer & Water Contractors License for Waldorf & Son’s Inc. good for one year
  4. Approve Peddler’s permit for Paulie’s BBQ – Paul Durant located at 7277 N. Genesee Rd. good for one year.


Office of the Supervisor

  1.  Approve 2023 Dust Control Program with the Genesee County Road Commission in the amount of $30,690.71.
  2. Approve second of Ordinance #625 – Amending Zoning Ordinance #603 updating the definition of Essential Services
  3. Approve first reading of Ordinance #626 – Amending Section 9.3 of Article IX of Ordinance #379
  4. Approve fist reading of Ordinance #627 – Amending Article IX of Ordinance #379 by adding Section 9.4
  5. Approve Michigan Electric Transmission Company License For Survey and Vegetation Clearing for the clearing Parcels 11-20-501-026, 11-20-501-027, 11-20-501-028 located on Energy Dr. to complete various surveys.
  6. Approve acceptance of resignation from Genesee Township Police Officer – Nathaniel Hanser effective 3-8-2023
  7. Approve hiring of Nicholas Walsh as a firefighter for Station #1pending passing of pre-employment
  8. Approve Limestone Resurfacing of Frances Rd. between Genesee Rd. and Center Rd. at a cost of $24,628.94 using GCRC Allocation Funds.
  9. Approve Pavement Repair, Chip Seal and Fog Seal on Lewis Rd. between Mt. Morris Rd. and Dort Hwy at a cost of $25,000 using GCRC Allocation Funds.

Office of the Treasurer

  1. Approve Bill list and presentation of financial statement


  1. Fire, Richard Burrus, Chair
  2. Police, Kathy Sutton, Chair
  3. Department of Public Works, Ashley Witte, Chair

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*3 minutes, agenda items