Genesee Health Plan To Host Free Health Events For Current And Former GHP Members, Residents And Families



Genesee Health Plan to host free health events for current and former GHP members, residents and families

Events will feature health screenings, flu shots, car seat checks and a chance to win $100 prizes

FLINT – Genesee Health Plan (GHP) announced today it will host a several events this fall for current and former GHP members, community members and families to learn about GHP services and new programs they may qualify for.

“We are excited to offer these events this fall because we want to connect with our current and former GHP members who may have received GHP coverage in the past and educate them on additional services and programs they may not be aware of,” said GHP President and CEO Jim Milanowski. “Even if former members have other health coverage, we want them to know that we now have additional programs they may qualify for. Our events provide a fun way for us to interact with the community and educate them on what we do.”

All are welcome to attend the following events in September and October.

Member Day
When | Tuesday, Sept. 18 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Where | Genesee Health Plan’s office, 2171 S. Linden Road, Flint, MI 48532

Learn about GHP’s new programs and services. Health screenings and immunizations will also be available. Attendees can enter to win a $100 Walmart gift card. Refreshments will be served.

Member Fun Day
When | Saturday, Sept. 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where | Genesee Health Plan’s office, 2171 S. Linden Road, Flint, MI 48532

Community members and families can enjoy a day of healthy and fun kid-friendly activities. Car seat checks will be available by appointment only. Call Mott Children’s Hospital at (734) 763-2251 to schedule an appointment.

Attendees can enter to win a $100 Walmart gift card. Refreshments will be served.

Flu Drive Thru Event
When | Friday, Oct. 12 from 3 to 6 p.m.
Where | Genesee Health Plan’s office, 2171 S. Linden Rd., Flint, MI 48532

Drive through one of GHP’s two drive in service bays or stop inside GHP’s office for a flu shot and to learn about GHP’s new programs and services. Attendees can also enter to win a $100 Walmart gift card.

Attendees who participate in at least one of the three GHP events listed above will be entered to win the $250 Walmart gift card grand prize.

Since 2001, the Genesee Health Plan (GHP) has provided basic health care coverage for one in five Genesee County residents. GHP covers preventive health care services including doctor visits, mammograms, cancer screenings, outpatient mental health services, prescription drugs, labs and X-rays. GHP also covers dental care for seniors and veterans with no monthly fee.

For more information about upcoming events, visit or call Genesee Health Plan’s office at (844) 232-7740. ###

Genesee Health Plan (GHP) is Genesee County’s plan for better health which began with the vision to have a community where each person has equal and affordable opportunity to live a healthy life. GHP is a nonprofit health care organization that was launched in 2001 to fulfill its vision by providing health care coverage and life-saving services to the uninsured residents of Genesee County.  The plan has provided more than 90,000 county residents with doctor’s visits, cancer screenings, prescription drugs, x-rays and many more life-saving services since 2001. GHP is still here, working hard to make it easier for Genesee County residents to get health care coverage.  Many individuals do not know when they’re going to need health care coverage, Genesee Health Plan is there to help them when they need it most.  Learn more about GHP at or call 844.232.7740 to schedule an appointment.

Burning Ban Has Been Lifted

Fire Chief Burton Robere has lifted the Burn Ban for the Charter Township of Genesee


Genesee County Health Department – Water Samples

Per the Genesee County Health Department any Genesee County Resident wanting to have their water tested will need to purchase a sample kit from a private company or department store such as Home Depot.

Noxious Weeds Notice


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all noxious weeds growing and all dead grass and brush on any subdivided land or land along public streets or roads or improved streets, for a depth of 10 rods or the depth of the lots, whichever is the lesser, within the Charter Township of Genesee, County of Genesee and State of Michigan, must be cut down on or before the 1st day of May, June, July, August, September and October 2018, to prevent such weeds from going to seed and prevent their re-growth, as the case may be, and to prevent such dead grass and brush from becoming a fire hazard.  No person shall allow any weeds or grass to exceed eight (8) inches in height.

Failure to comply with this notice on or before the above mentioned date shall make any party so failing liable for the costs of cutting said noxious weeds and dead grass and brush by said Charter Township of Genesee, said cost t be levied and collected against said lands in the same manner as other taxes are levied and collected, pursuant to the Provisions Act 359 of the Public Acts of 1941, being MCL 247.61 ET SEQ.


Genesee County Recycle And Household Hazardous Waste Events for 2018

Recycle Day Flyer

Saturday Events (Appliances & Tires ARE Accepted)

May 12, 2018 10AM to 2PM – Grand Blanc High School/West Campus, 1 Jewett Trail, Grand, Blanc, MI 48439 AND Flint Water Service Center, 3310 East Court Street, Flint, MI 48506

September 15, 2018 10AM to 2PM – Carman-Ainsworth Middle School, 1409 W Maple Ave, Flint, MI 48507 AND Flint Water Service Center, 3310 East Court Street, Flint, MI 48506

NEW THIS YEAR !!!!!!!! TUESDAY EVENTS (Appliances & Tires NOT Accepted)

June 12, 2018      July 10, 2018        August 14, 2018         October 9,  2018     2PM to 6PM                                                                                            Mott Community College, Parking Lot S, 156 Albert R Horrigan Drive, Flint, MI 48503

ITEMS ACCEPTED  + Aerosols, Air Conditioners, Appliances(SATURDAYS ONLY), Automotive Fluids, Batteries (household/auto), Biomedical Sharps (in rigid/sealed container), Corrosives (acids/bases), Electronics (all kinds), Fire Extinguishers, Fluorescent Bulbs & Tubes, Mercury, Oil Based Paint & Solvents, Pesticides & Herbicides, Prescription Medication, Propane Cylinders (up to 30 lbs. each), Reactives & Oxidizers, Smoke Detectors, Tires (SATURDAYS ONLY – up to 7 off the rim, NO tractor tires)

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED –   55 Gallon Drums of Waste, Agricultural Waste & Tires, Ammunition, Compressed Gas Cylinders (other than propane), Commercial Waste & Tires, Construction Materials, Explosives, Fireworks, Garbage & Yard Waste, Industrial Waste & Tires, Paper for Shredding, Radioactive Materials, Tires on the Rim, Weapons

Questions? 810 762-7744 or or


Genesee County Drain Commissioner – Water Supply General Information Memorandum


G-4610 BEECHER ROAD – FLINT, MICHIGAN 48532-2617 PHONE (810) 732-7870 – FAX (810) 732-9773



DATE: February 7, 2018

TO:  GCDC-WWS Water Supply Customers

FROM:  David M. Jansen, Senior Assistant Director

SUBJECT: General Information on questions regarding Genesee County Drain Commissioner Division of Water & Waste Services (GCDC-WWS) Water Supply System.

Our office has received a couple of inquiries from residents who have observed a white residue that occasionally forms in their pots and pans after boiling water. It is important for the public to know this is a perfectly normal occurrence, and some residents may continue to experience this in the future.

Out of an abundance of caution to ensure proper corrosion control, the MDEQ has required Genesee County to add phosphate at 2-1/2 times the level than what had been used by our previous water supplier, the Great Lakes Water Authority (Detroit System). We also have been required to raise our pH to above 7.5. Phosphates and elevation of pH are normal components in the treatment of water for corrosion control, in order to protect distribution pipes and internal plumbing in homes. The hardness of the water when combined with the phosphate at slightly higher pH value may cause this white residue to form. This is typically evident when water is boiled, and a white ring forms around pots and pans. Again, this is a commonly found residual due to the elevated phosphate and pH levels.

Typically, water suppliers are allowed to optimize corrosion control over a period of time. When GCDC-WWS collects and processes our first six (6) months of samples, we will submit those results to the MDEQ, and work with them to potentially reduce phosphate and pH levels. We will continue to work with the MDEQ, and local municipal DPW Departments to provide the most updated infom1ation to residents. As always, GCDC-WWS will continue to do all things necessary to provide safe and reliable water to our communities, as we have done since beginning operations.

If any resident receiving drinking water from our Water Plant has questions or concerns about their drinking water, they should contact our staff at the following numbers:

(810) 793-5123- 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday

(810) 762-3626- After Hours


Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Permit Applications

Please use the pdf links below to print Resident & Commercial Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Permit Applications.  Applications are also available in the Building Department located at the Genesee Township Hall, 7244 N. Genesee Road, Genesee, MI 48437.

Residential Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Permit

Commercial Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Permit.1

Commercial Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Permit.2